Amfora Packaging and Kaeser together to mitigate the environmental impact

At AMFORA PACKAGING we produce the packaging that your products need while mitigating the environmental impact. KAESER KOMPRESSOREN is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of compressed air products and services.

Kaeser was founded in 1919 as a machine shop and now manufactures at two production facilities in Germany. The company has about 7,000 employees worldwide.

Under its premise of “More air for less energy” and always seeking the best relationship between cost reduction and great benefits for the environment. Kaeser has developed equipment with a system tested and certified by the Berlin Institute of Design and Technology.

That is why in our production process we work with Kaeser compressors, which are the first compressors that don’t generate environmental impact.

Kaeser, in addition to offsetting your company’s carbon footprint, offsets the CO2 emitted by each electric compressor for a year. Thus, at AMFORA we achieve a significant reduction in costs and great benefits for the environment.

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