For this reason, sustainability is one of our core values and is present in everything we do. This is how we seek to reconcile economic growth with sustainable development.

We use recycled material (PCR) to reduce plastic pollution in our seas, rivers and lagoons, contributing to the creation of a circular economy of plastic. Our products are manufactured with different sustainable resins, giving to our clients a high satisfaction and responsibility to the environment. Our portfolio includes:




We help our clients to contribute to the preservation of the environment through the development of packaging and caps with post-consumer recycled materials (PCR) and bio resins. Our products are designed and manufactured with the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

We use recycled material (PCR) to reduce plastic pollution in our seas, rivers and lagoons, contributing to the creation of a circular economy of plastic. Our portfolio includes:

PET PCR Post Consumer Recycled Material, food and medicine, with FDA certification.

Our line of packaging in HDPE PCR is manufactured with Multilayer technology, which makes it possible to obtain a final product in which the recycled material does not interact with the content of the product. (HDPE EBM bottles with 3 layers: outer layer is 20% virgin, 60% PCR (middle layer), 20% virgin (inner layer).

We have explored the use of black ABS PCR coming from electronic equipment.

In research and development

Plastic packaging (bottles, jar, caps) with PCR content from 30% to 50%.

In research and development


These are resins from renewable sources (plant biomass). This line of resin allows us to incorporate renewable raw materials and reduce our carbon footprint in the final product.

This resin comes from renewable resources such as sugar cane.

We can use bio-based cellulosic resins coming from sustainable sources such as forestry, perfect for lipsticks and cosmetic cases.




At Intecplast and Pieriplast, companies of the Amfora Packaging group, we feel committed to building a more sustainable world through our actions.
The Peru Carbon Footprint recognizes Pieriplast’s effort to have managed and reduced Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions for the benefit of the environment.

In the same way, at Intecplast we are proud to be pioneers in obtaining the Carbon Neutral Certification and the GHG Inventory Certification, in the rigid plastic packaging manufacturing market in Colombia. These certifications were issued by ICONTEC and were achieved from the quantification of greenhouse gas emissions inventories through projects as ”Tangara Reed +”.


Tangara Reed +

A project of the Biofix Foundation, focused on the conservation of 14,500 hectares of high dense forest and mangroves located in the Colombian Pacific, where 208,000 tons of CO2e were offset.
Through Tangara REDD+, Intecplast managed to voluntarily compensate 1,950 tons of CO2 in 2021.


We are working to be certified as water neutral in 2023. To do this, we are using about 3,000 m2 of the roofs to collect, treat and take advantage of rainwater for our industrial processes.
Our environmental commitment is not limited to what we do today. By 2025, in addition to remaining 100% carbon neutral and certified, we will continue working on reducing our emissions by reducing electricity consumption and using renewable energies.

When you buy packaging from Amfora Packaging you are directly supporting our efforts for the conservation and preservation of the natural, social and economic heritage of humanity.

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